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Why do tailored playlists matter?


How often have you been to a pub, coffee shop or restaurant where everything’s perfect, but the music just doesn’t feel right?


It begins to grate a little, and you you end up not ordering that tempting desert, coffee or glass of wine.


And if you’re the owner of a pub, coffee shop or restaurant, how much time have you invested in ensuring the music you play is matched to your customer’s tastes, to avoid that scenario occurring in your establishment, and to avoid that lost revenue?


How can CURATE help?


Here at CURATE we have a heritage working in consultancies and record labels, and have developed a simple service that helps pubs, coffee shops and restaurants profile their customers and develop tailored playslits accordingly.

Our process


It's pretty simple. Three steps as outlined below.

1. Develop customer portraits

We interview key people at your business, and any friendly customers that best represent your target audience.


We then develop a number of 'customer portraits' that accurately reflect the different customer types your business attracts.


These can be used in multiple situations, e.g. when planning marketing campaigns. 

2. Develop playlists

Based on the customer portraits, we develop tailored playlists.


These are based in part on the customers' tastes, character types and behavioural profiles, but also on practical factors such as time of day, day of week, or whether any significiant event are occurring.

3. Monitor performance

Admittedly it's a tricky one. Whilst we have the capability to undertake econometric modelling, we appreciate it's something that is not the right investment for pubs, restaurants and coffee shops.


Instead, we judge performance on customer feedback, either ad hoc or via the feedback boxes that can be provided. 

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